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Detection Systems 

Oldcastle Security offers a broad range of unique perimeter detection products, designed and used to protect sensitive installations.  Some of these include Fence Mounted Cable, Buried Cable, Infra-Red Protection Systems, and Microwave detection barriers.  Most systems are discreet and therefore ideal for proximity detection.

  Buried Cable

The Radio Frequency Intruder Detection system is a buried cable system developed to offer a complete awareness of your perimeter areas. It is discreet and therefore ideal for proximity detection, where an intruder will walk unknowingly into its invisible field. The strategically placed transmitters and receivers will cover the vulnerable area with a blanket of radio frequency rays linked to an analyzer.

  Control Systems

The Integrated Control Systems can be integrated with all perimeter security systems as well as CCTV.
  Digital Microwave

The sensor is able to detect intruders walking, running, crawling or rolling. Every event that generates an alarm or a significant change of the received signal is date/time stamped and stored in ram memory and can be analyzed in real time or later.
  Fence Mounted Cable

Fence Mounted Cable security system features range from perimeter security to cut-through and climb over security sysems.  With products and systems being the benchmark for the industry, we can provide the best security for your needs.

  Infra-Red Detection

When an intruder breaks these beams an alarm is set off. Where a physical barrier already exists, Perimbar may be effectively deployed either on top or just inside the perimeter and has many features which make it a secure choice for these situations.
  Non-Lethal Fence

ENFORCER ® is a powerful deterrent which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence. High tensile wires are spaced at a distance of 4 inches apart and a safe, high voltage pulse is sent down alternate wires every second. The wire alternates between live and earth or the system can be set to have every wire live. Intruders coming into contact with the high tensile wires feel a short, sharp, shock deterring them from climbing or cutting the fence.

  Rapid Deployable/Portable

We offer several rapid deployment, portable intruder detection systems. Stand-a-lone or covert systems designed to be used by bodyguards, patrolling guards or military personnel for ultimate protection in any environment. The systems can be quickly and easily deployed.

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