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Superior Concrete Company (SCC) was established in 1946 producing burial vaults for caskets. The process involved delivering a vault the morning of a burial, set the base in the excavation before friends and family arrived and then the truck with the vault top was moved to a location where they could not be seen. After the people left and casket lowered into the vault, the top was set and sealed. Burial vaults were the only product offered by SCC until a second building was constructed in 1959.

After completion of the second building, which included a 10,125 sq ft. production area, the product line expanded to include structures such as residential septic tanks, well tile, distribution boxes and patio blocks. Both the new building and the original had their own cement, sand and aggregate silos and operated independently. All six employees at that time were experienced with mixing concrete to driving a boom truck for delivery.

During the late 1960s, SCC acquired a concrete building product line called Uniframe. It is similar to the pre-engineered steel building products available today. Thinking the concrete building concept was about to explode, SCC constructed their third production building to support the Uniframe product line exclusively. It was a 13,500 sq ft. production area. As a marketing tool, it was built with the Uniframe concept and had its own silos and concrete mixer as well. However, after the fourth Uniframe building project, there was not enough volume to support the newly constructed facility and the product line was discontinued. In its place, SCC began producing sewer manholes, catch basins and some agricultural products such as the agg wall for manure pits.

In the early 1980s with residential sales booming, the product line again expanded to include commercial and residential pump stations, generator buildings, water meter pits and larger septic tanks. To accommodate larger and taller structures, SCC added a fourth production building totaling 22,275 sq ft. With the thought of commercial pump stations potentially 30 feet tall, a 15 foot deep pit was included in the construction. Throughout the 1980s, pump station sales increased substantially, forcing SCC to hire multiple electrical crews. Vans were purchased which were equipped with tools and electrical supplies.

Also in the early 1980s, SCC stopped producing burial vaults and sold the product line to American Concrete, a company who shares a property line with SCC.

With four production buildings, it was decided they each had to get a name for ease of knowing who was where. The original building was called the “Kitchen” since all products were small in size and mimicked pots and pans. The second building constructed in 1959 was named the “Tank Shop.” This area produced all residential septic tanks of various sizes. The Uniframe building constructed in the late 1960s was fittingly called the “Uniframe.” Lastly, the fourth building, being known as the “Big Top,” inherited its name for its length and height.

In 1998, Oldcastle Precast acquired SCC. At the time of the acquisition, the average employee tenure was 13 years, with several approaching or above 40 years. With four production areas spread throughout the property, Oldcastle decided it would be more efficient to consolidate the production facility and office staff. A 20,100 sq ft. addition to the Big Top was constructed with a state of the art batch plant. Since all existing buildings had a name, the new facility would be called the “Universe.” All production would take place between the Universe and the Big Top. The Kitchen is now occupied for cold storage, all rebar and wire mesh is bent and cut in the Tank Shop and the Uniframe consist of the stock room, mechanics shop and a steel fabrication area. Attached to the Universe, an 8,250 sq ft. building was added for the office staff, employee lunch and locker room and a quality control lab. The original office in the front of the property was then demolished.

Today, Oldcastle Precast Maine has approximately 40 employees with a fleet of delivery trucks servicing customers from Maine to New Jersey. The product line has since expanded to include three-sided bridges, utility products, substation foundations and box culvert to go along with the original products offered in the 1960s.

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