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Precast Concrete Pullbox & Handholes 

Pullboxes (aka pull boxes) are relatively large 5-sided hollow rectangular structures that are topped with a manhole or other access cover and placed in conduit runs.  They have pvc perm-a-ducts in the sides of the structure through which cabling and wiring is run.  Pull boxes give easy access to communications, utility, or electrical wiring.

Handholes are similar to pullboxes in that they also allow easy access to telecom, utility, or electrical wiring.  They are typically used to house junctions or splices in the wiring.  Unlike pullboxes, handholes are much smaller structures that are topped with a small access cover.  They are typically placed in medians, alongside driveways, electrical boxes, lamp posts, or other similar structures.

Precast concrete pullboxes and handholes are environmentally friendly, convenient, and naturally fire resistant.  They are available in a variety of sizes and are ideal for most projects that require cabling junction access.


  • Telecom cable junctions
  • Electrical wiring splices
  • Underground cable access
  • Utility cabling access
  • Fiber optic cabling access

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
222-TE (462UEH222TE) 2'-0"x2'-0"x2'-0" Concrete dwg
333-TE (462UEH333TE) 3'-0"x3'-0"x3'-0" Concrete dwg

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