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Telephone Vaults 

We offer telephone vaults in a wide range of standard sizes designed to meet local utility applications. In addition we can custom engineer almost any size to meet unique specifications for special installations.


  • Telephone
  • CATV
  • Fiber optic

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
222-TE (462UTT222TE) 2'-0"x2'-0"x2'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
333-TE (462UTT333TE) 3'-0"x3'-0"x3'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-BS (462UTT444BS) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-SPLIT-BS (462UTTSPLIT) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-TE (462UTT444TE) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
4678-GTE (462UTT46GTE) 4'-0"x6'-0"x6'-6" Concrete pdf dwg
48-A (462UTT48A) 4'-0"x8'-0"x6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
48-T (462UTT48A) 4'-0"x8'-0"x6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
5105-A (462UTT5105A) 5'-0"x10'-6"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
5105-T-GTE(462UTT5105t) 5'-0"x10'-6"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-4W-DP (462UTT6124W) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-A (462UTT612A) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-GTE (462UTT612GTE) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-T (462UTT612T) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-T-SW (462UTT612TSW) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
667-TE (462UTT667TE) 6'-0"x6'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
687-TE (462UTT687TE) 6'-0"x8'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
887-OCT (462UTT887OCT) 8'-0"x8'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf
888-TE (462UTT888TE) 8'-0"x8'-0"x8'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
RISER EXTENTIONS (462UAARISERS) Various Sizes Concrete dwg

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