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Telephone Vaults 

Vaults are hollow 5-sided hollow rectangular structures that are topped with concrete and an access lid. They are placed underground and provide housing and access to telecommunications, fiber optic, utility, and electrical cabling. We offer one piece, three piece, and multi-piece vaults that can be customized for your project.

Vaults have a wide variety of uses and are cast in multiple sizes and designs.  For further customization, they can be cast with various features including grade rings / risers, lifters, pulling irons, drainage sumps, term-a-ducts, knockouts, and racking as needed to fit your project.


  • Underground cable access
  • Utility cabling access
  • Fiber optic cabling access
  • Telecom cable access
  • Electrical cable access

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
222-TE (462UTT222TE) 2'-0"x2'-0"x2'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
333-TE (462UTT333TE) 3'-0"x3'-0"x3'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-BS (462UTT444BS) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-SPLIT-BS (462UTTSPLIT) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
444-TE (462UTT444TE) 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
4678-GTE (462UTT46GTE) 4'-0"x6'-0"x6'-6" Concrete pdf dwg
48-A (462UTT48A) 4'-0"x8'-0"x6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
48-T (462UTT48A) 4'-0"x8'-0"x6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
5105-A (462UTT5105A) 5'-0"x10'-6"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
5105-T-GTE(462UTT5105t) 5'-0"x10'-6"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-4W-DP (462UTT6124W) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-A (462UTT612A) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-GTE (462UTT612GTE) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-T (462UTT612T) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-T-SW (462UTT612TSW) 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
667-TE (462UTT667TE) 6'-0"x6'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
687-TE (462UTT687TE) 6'-0"x8'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
887-OCT (462UTT887OCT) 8'-0"x8'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf
888-TE (462UTT888TE) 8'-0"x8'-0"x8'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
RISER EXTENTIONS (462UAARISERS) Various Sizes Concrete dwg

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