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Dry Cast Concrete Meter Boxes 

Our CHRISTY® and BROOKS® concrete meter products provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the in-ground construction of utilities. For over 40 years, the Christy brand utility box has been the proven concrete underground enclosure for municipalities and cities throughout the United States. The box is manufactured to the highest industry standards, at manufacturing plants quality certified by the National Precast Concrete Association. The exclusive Hardhat Plastic Cap™ feature is molded into the concrete box during the manufacturing process, creating a durable, dimensionally consistent, and aesthetically superior top surface suitable for parkway, sidewalk, and greenbelt applications.


  • Residential water meter valve protection

Images Product Name Materials Docs
46-MV (462UWV46MV) 4'-0"x6'-0"x4'-0" Concrete dwg
68-MV (462UWV68MV) 6'-0"x8'-0"x Varies Concrete dwg
810-MV (462UWV810) 8'-0"x10'-0"x5'-6" Concrete
MB Base (462UWMMBBASE_) Series 36 and 38 Concrete
MB36 (462UWMMB36) 10 1/2 x 17 1/4" x 12" Concrete
MB36 (462UWMMB36LID) Various Lids
MB37 (462UWMMB37) 12' x 20" x 12" Concrete dwg
MB37 (462UWMMB37LID) Various Lids Concrete dwg
MB38 (462UWMMB38) 13' x 24" x 12" Concrete dwg
MB38 (462UWMMB38LID) Various Lids Concrete dwg
MB65 (462UWMMB65) 17" x 28" x 12" Concrete dwg
MB65 (462UWMMB65LID) Various Lids Concrete dwg

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