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Electric Vaults 

Vaults are hollow 5-sided hollow rectangular structures that are topped with concrete and an access lid. We offer one piece, three piece, and multi-piece vaults that can be customized for your project.

Electrical vaults house power cables and transformers, and are a preferred alternative to running electrical power cables above the ground and across utility poles. Oldcastle Precast’s vaults come in multiple dimensions and are perfect for electrical, utilities, fiber-optic, and communications applications. Our products include access doors, manhole covers, blockouts, knockouts, and more.


  • Underground cable access
  • Utility cabling access
  • Fiber optic cabling access
  • Telecom cable access
  • Electrical cable access

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
Baltimore Gas & Electric 6'-0"x8'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf
Baltimore Gas & Electric 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf
Baltimore Gas & Electric 6'-0"x12'-0"x9'-0" Concrete pdf
Dominion Power 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf
Dominion Power 4'-0"x6'-0"x7'-0" Concrete pdf
Dominion Power 6'-0"x12'-0"x7'-0" Concrete
Dominion Power 8'-0"x16'-0"x8'-0" Concrete pdf
Dominion Power 8'-0"x16'-0"x10'-0" Concrete pdf
Dominion Power 10'-0"x16'-0"x10'-0" Concrete pdf
UV 4'-0"x4'-0"x4'-0" Concrete pdf
UV 4'-0"x4'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 4'-0"x6'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 6'-0"x6'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 6'-0"x8'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 6'-0"x12'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 8'-0"x8'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 8'-0"x10'-0"xVaries Concrete pdf
UV 8'-0"x16'-0"x8'-0" Concrete pdf
UV 8'-0"x16'-0"x10'-0" Concrete pdf

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