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Grease Interceptors & Traps 

Grease interceptors are effective in grease removal, along with decreasing maintenance costs and deterioration of collection systems. These interceptors protect septic systems and sewage lines from plugging and failing. Septic and holding tanks are available for industrial and commercial uses in capacities of 500 gallons or larger. Custom configurations are also available.


  • Commercial food, oil & grease capture
  • Mixed-use food, oil & grease capture

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
GT-5000 GAL 120X192X96 10'-0"X20'-0"X8'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
1000 Gallon Grease Trap 1000 Gallon Concrete
1500 Gallon Grease Trap 1500 Gallon Concrete
GT-750 GAL 48X78X60 4'-0"X6'-6"X5-0"' MONO BOTTOM W/SLAB TOP Concrete pdf
GT-1000 GAL 48X78X84 4'-0"X6'-6"X7-0"' TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-1000 GAL 48X96X72 4'-0"X8'-0"X6'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-1250 GAL 48X96X84 4'-0"X8'-0"X7'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-1500 GAL 60X126X60 5'-0"X10'-6"X5'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-2000 GAL 60X126X84 5'-0"X10'-6"X7'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-2500 GAL 60X126X96 5'-0"X10'-6"X8'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
500 Gallon Grease Trap 500 Gallon Concrete
GT-2000 GAL 72X144X60 6'-0"X12'-0"X5'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-2500 GAL 72X144X72 6'-0"X12'-0"X6'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-3000 GAL 72X144X84 6'-0"X12'-0"X7'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-3000 GAL 72X180X72 6'-0"X15'-0"X6'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-4000 GAL 72X180X96 6'-0"X15'-0"X8'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-4500 GAL 72X180X96 6'-0"X15'-0"X8'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
GT-1250 GAL 72X96X60 6'-0"X8'-0"X5'-0" TWO PIECE Concrete pdf
Grease Trap Baffle Various Concrete

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