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Concrete Padmount 

Our concrete equipment pads come in a wide variety of standard sizes and materials (concrete, polymer, plastic) designed to provide years of worry-free performance. In addition we can custom designed & build to fit special applications.


  • Air conditioning/condenser units
  • Pool/spa equipment
  • Communication/utility equipment

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
22"x60"x24" GRU Junction Cab 22"x60"x24" Concrete
43"x56"x4" JEA Trans Pad 43"x56"x4" Concrete
10'x10' Emerson BI Medium 10'x10'x6" Concrete
10'x14' Mesa4 Reliance 10'x14' Concrete
10'x15'x8" 2000 Gallon Ext 10'x15'x8" Concrete
10'x15'x8" 2000 Gallon Std 10'x15'x8" Concrete
10'x20'x30" Turndown Pad 10'x20'x30" Concrete
11.5'x18' Mesa6 Reliance 11.5'x18' Concrete
11'x16' 82A 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x16' 82A 90 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x16' Mesa4 90 Medium 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x16' Mesa6 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x16' Mesa6 90 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x16'x6' Mesa4 Medium 11'x16'x6" Concrete
11'x22'x30" Turndown Pad 11'x22'x30" Concrete
12'x12' Mesa 2 12'x12'x6" Concrete
12'x12' Mesa 2 90 12'x12'x6" Concrete
12'x18' Mesa4 12'x18'x6" Concrete
12'x18' Mesa4 90 12'x18'x6" Concrete
12'x18' Mesa6 12'x18'x6" Concrete
12'x18' Mesa6 90 12'x18'x6" Concrete
14'x20' Mesa6 14'x20'x6" Concrete
14'x20' Mesa6 90 14'x20'x6" Concrete
18"x30" Sign Foundation 18"x30" Concrete
2'x2'x6' Concrete Block 2'x2'x6' Concrete
38"x84" Three Phase Malton 38"x84" Concrete
3'x3' Power Pedestal 3'x3'x6" Concrete
3'x3'x6" Marconi 3'x3'x6" Concrete
3'x4' Generator 3'x4' Concrete
3'x5'x 52B 3'x5'x6" Concrete
43"x56"x6"JaxBch Trans Pad 43"x56"x6" Concrete
45.5"x60" Single Phase Malton 45.5"x60" Concrete
48" x 60" 40M 48" x 60" Concrete
48"x58" Crossbox 48"x58" Concrete
4'x4' Emerson VI Very Small 4'x4'x6" Concrete
4'x5' Commscope 7I BBS 384 4'x5'x6" Concrete
4'x5' Commscope UI BBS 384 4'x5'x6" Concrete
4'x5' Emerson 9I Small 4'x5'x6" Concrete
4'x5' Emerson XI Style Small 4'x5'x6" Concrete
4'x6' ALP-248 4'x6'x6" Concrete
4'x6'x8" JaxBch Switch 4'x6'x8" Concrete
4'x8' Emerson VI Very Small 4'x8'x6" Concrete
54"x88"x8" JaxBch Open Delta 54"x88"x8" Concrete
58"x79" 42 BTS HUBB 58"x79" Concrete
58"x79" 42 BTS HUBB Split 58"x79" Concrete
58"x79" 42E 58"x79" Concrete
5'x5' 52E 5'x5'x6" Concrete
5'x5' Commscope FI BBMU 768 5'x5'x6" Concrete
5'x5' Mesa2 5'x5'x6" Concrete
5'x6' Emerson BI Medium 5'x6'x6" Concrete
5'x7' Commscope 7I Small 5'x7'x6" Concrete
5'x7' Commscope UI Small 5'x7'x6" Concrete
5'x7' Emerson BI Medium Split 5'x7'x6" Concrete
5'x7' Type 82A 5'x7'x6" Concrete
5'x9' 82D 5'x9'x6" Concrete
5'x9' Emerson 9I Small 5'x9'x6" Concrete
5'x9' Mesa4 5'x9'x6" Concrete
63"x84"x22" JaxBch Switch Pit 63"x84"x22" Concrete
6'x11' Emerson XI Style Small 6'x11'x6" Concrete
6'x6'x20" GRU-PME Switchgear Riser 6'x6'x20" Concrete
6'x7' 52B 6'x7'x6" Concrete
6'x7' Type 80A 6'x7'x6" Concrete
6'x8'x10" JEA 3 Phase 6'x8'x10" Concrete
6'x9' Type 80A 90 6'x9'x6" Concrete
70"x80"x10"JaxBch 3 Phase 70"x80"x10" Concrete
7'x7'x6" GRU-PME Box Top 7'x7'x6" Concrete
84"x70"x6" BPS Large 84"x70"x6" Concrete
85"x79"x30" Switchgear Pit 85"x79"x30" Concrete
8'x10' Emerson BI Medium Split 8'x10'x6" Concrete
8'x10'x22" Type M 8'x10'x22" Concrete
8'x12' 52E 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' 52E 90 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Mesa2 90 Large 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Mesa2 Large 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Mesa4 Small 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Type 82A 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Type 82A 90 8'x12'x6" Concrete
8'x12' Mesa4 Reliance 8'x12' Concrete
8'x7' Mesa2 8'x7' Concrete
8'x8' 52E 8'x8'x6" Concrete
8'x8' 52E 90 8'x8'x6" Concrete
8'x8' Mesa Sport 8'x8'x6" Concrete
8'x8' Mesa2 90 Small 8'x8'x6" Concrete
8'x8' Mesa2 Small 8'x8'x6" Concrete
8'x8' 52E Power Pedestal 8'x8' Concrete
8'x8' Mesa2 MX,MT & 88 8'x8' Concrete
8'x8'x10" JEA 3 Phase 8'x8'x10" Concrete
8'x9' Commscope FI BBMU 768 8'x9'x6" Concrete
90"x92" Fujitsu 2200 90"x92" Concrete
92"x86" Double Door 92"x86" Concrete
93" x 119" 80A Opt1 93" x 119" Concrete
9'x15' Mesa6 90 Small 9'x15'x6" Concrete
9'x15' Mesa6 Small 9'x15'x6" Concrete
9'x15' Mesa6 Reliance 9'x15' Concrete
GRU Single Phase Concrete
JEA 3 Phase Light Arrester Concrete
JEA 3 Phase Transformer Concrete
JEA Open Delta 88"x54" Concrete
JEA Usp-D Pedestal Base Concrete
PAD - AT&T 52E 5'-0"X5'-0"X0'-6" AT&T Concrete pdf
PAD - AT&T ALP 248 4'-0"X6'-0"X0'-6" AT&T ALP Concrete pdf
PAD - EMERSON BI-X05X07X6 5'0"X7'-0"X0'-6" EMERSON Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC 102X110X10 8'-6"X9'-2"X0'-10" OUC Concrete
PAD - OUC 40X40X6 3'-4"X3'-4"X0'-6" OUC Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC SG 78X74X30 6-2"X6'-6"X2'-6" OUC SWITCH GEAR Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 40X45X4 3'-4"X3'-9"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 44X52X4 3'-8"X4'-4"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 46X46X4 3'-10"X3'-10"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 62X62X4 5'-2"X5'-2"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 66X74X6 5'-6"X6'-2"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 76X96X6 6'-4"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 96X96X6 8'-0"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO DFSG 50X60X30 4'-2"X5'-0"X2'-6" TECO DFSG Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG 6'-3"X7'-2"X0'-8" TECO LFSG PAD Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG BOX 5'-2"X5'-8"X3'-0" TECO LFSG BOX Concrete pdf

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