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Oldcastle Precast’s headwalls include pipe end sections, flared end sections or parallel and cross line end sections. These end treatments reduce the amount of time required for structures built in the field. They are as easy to set as a section of pipe and eliminate the need for forming work in the field.


  • Pipe end sections
  • Bridge end sections

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
W-S01-Safety End Treatment 18in RCP 18” Concrete pdf
W-S02-Safety End Treatment 24in RCP 24” Concrete pdf
W-S03-Safety End Treatment 30in RCP 30” Concrete pdf
W-S04-Safety End Treatment 36in RCP 36" Concrete pdf
W-S05-Safety End Treatment 42in RCP 42" Concrete pdf
W-S06-Safety End Treatment 48in RCP 48" Concrete pdf
W-S07-Safety End Treatment Varies Concrete pdf
W-S08-Safety End Treatment Type-1 3’ x 2’ Concrete pdf
W-S09-Safety End Treatment Type-1 3’ x 3’ Concrete pdf
W-S10-Safety End Treatment Type-1 4’ x 2' Concrete pdf
W-S11-Safety End Treatment Type-1 4’ x 3’ Concrete pdf
W-S12-Safety End Treatment Type-1 5’ x 2’ Concrete pdf
W-S13-Safety End Treatment Type-1 5’ x 3’ Concrete pdf
W-S14-Safety End Treatment Type-1 5’ x 3’ Concrete pdf
W-S15-Safety End Treatment Type-C 36” & 42” Concrete pdf
W-S16-Safety End Treatment Type-P 36” & 42” Concrete pdf
W-S17-Headwall 18”, 24”, 30” Concrete pdf
W-S18-Headwall_detail 18”, 24”, 30” Concrete pdf

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