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Manholes allow easy access to underground piping, meters and facilities. Oldcastle Precast provides sealed manhole systems that can be built to specification to include a variety of important features. From complex jobs to simple solutions, our manholes are used in a variety of applications.


  • Storm Water access

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
W-MH01-Sanitary Manhole 48" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH02-Sanitary Manhole 60" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH03-Sanitary Manhole 72" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH04-Manhole 96" Dia. Concrete pdf
W-MH05-Sanitary Air Release Manhole 48" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH06-Storm Manhole 24in RCP 48" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH07-Storm Manhole 36in RCP 48” x 48” Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH08-Manhole Junction Box Varies Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH09-Variable Operator Manhole Varies Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH10-Combo Air Release Manway 60" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH11-Access Manway 72" Dia. Concrete pdf
W-MH12-Combo Air Release Manway 60" or 72" Dia. Concrete pdf dwg
W-MH13-Service Manhole 60” or 72” Dia. Concrete pdf dwg

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