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Castle Wall HD 

The CastleWall HD retaining wall system is an outstanding and versatile retaining wall system. The wall is manufactured in modular large blocks with a standard face dimension of 2’-06” high x 6’-00” widths. The wall components are suitable for two different wall heights. A gravity system for walls up to 8’-00” and a mechanically stabilized system (MSE) for walls up to 25’-00” in height. The gravity wall benefits from the sheer weight of the concrete components with no soil reinforcing grid required and the MSE system features non-metallic soil reinforcing grid. In any configuration, CastleWall HD is an engineered system that brings aesthetically pleasing results without breaking the bank. CastleWall HD can be manufactured at any of our Oldcastle Precast manufacturing facilities.




  • Site Improvements
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Parking Lots
  • Truck Dump Facilities
  • Wingwalls and End Treatments for Drainage Improvements
  • Railroads
  • Sea and Flood-walls

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