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Manholes allow easy access to underground piping, meters and facilities. Oldcastle Precast provides sealed manhole systems that can be built to specification to include a variety of important features. All are produced in a controlled environment for consistent quality and can be delivered direct.


  • Sewer system access

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
MH-120X192X96 OUC 10'-0"X16'-0"X8'-0" OUC STANDARD Concrete pdf
MH-120X192XVARIES 10'-0"X16'-0"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-48X78X72 VERIZON 4'-0"X6'-6"X6'-0" VERIZON STANDARD Concrete pdf
MH-48X78X78 OOCEA 4'-0"X6'-6"X6'-6" OOCEA STANDARD Concrete pdf
MH-48X78X78 OOCEA DH 4'-0"X6'-6"X6'-6" OOCEA STANDARD DOG HOUSE Concrete pdf
MH-48X78XVARIES 4'-0"X6'-6"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-60X126XVARIES 5'-0"X10'-6"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-60X60XVARIES 5'-0"X5'-0"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-72X144X84 VERIZON 6'-0"X12'-0"X7'-0" VERIZON STANDARD Concrete pdf
MH-72X144XVARIES 6'-0"X12'-0"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-72X180X84 OUC 6'-0"X15'-0"X7'-0" OUC STANDARD Concrete pdf
MH-72X180XVARIES 6'-0"X15'-0"X VARIES Concrete pdf
MH-96X96XVARIES 8'-0"X8'-0"X VARIES Concrete pdf

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