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Concrete Padmount 

Our concrete equipment pads come in a wide variety of standard sizes and materials (concrete, polymer, plastic) designed to provide years of worry-free performance. In addition we can custom designed & build to fit special applications.


  • Air conditioning/condenser units
  • Pool/spa equipment
  • Communication/utility equipment

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Images Product Name Materials Docs
PAD - AT&T 52E 5'-0"X5'-0"X0'-6" AT&T Concrete pdf
PAD - AT&T ALP 248 4'-0"X6'-0"X0'-6" AT&T ALP Concrete pdf
PAD - EMERSON BI-X05X07X6 5'0"X7'-0"X0'-6" EMERSON Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC 102X110X10 8'-6"X9'-2"X0'-10" OUC Concrete
PAD - OUC 40X40X6 3'-4"X3'-4"X0'-6" OUC Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC SG 78X74X30 6-2"X6'-6"X2'-6" OUC SWITCH GEAR Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 40X45X4 3'-4"X3'-9"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 44X52X4 3'-8"X4'-4"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 46X46X4 3'-10"X3'-10"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 62X62X4 5'-2"X5'-2"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 66X74X6 5'-6"X6'-2"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 76X96X6 6'-4"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 96X96X6 8'-0"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO DFSG 50X60X30 4'-2"X5'-0"X2'-6" TECO DFSG Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG 6'-3"X7'-2"X0'-8" TECO LFSG PAD Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG BOX 5'-2"X5'-8"X3'-0" TECO LFSG BOX Concrete pdf

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