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Concrete Padmount 

Concrete pads, also referred to pad mounts or padmounts, are solid concrete slabs that make the foundation for equipment cabinets, air conditioning units, and pool equipment.  They are commonly used by telecommunications and utility companies to support the cabinets that house cabling.  They are also used in commercial and residential settings to support a variety of equipment types.  Our pads have galvanized metal embedded lifters and can be fitted with an opening through which cabling can be run.  They are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.  Most cabinet pads can be built in less than a day.

Pit and pads sets are also available.  They consist of a four-walled concrete structure that is topped with a pad.  These sets provide a raised base for communications cabinets, but they are most commonly used in the electrical industry.


  • Communications cable cabinet foundation
  • Electrical cable cabinet foundation
  • Support for pool equipment
  • Base for air conditioner units

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
PAD - AT&T 52E 5'-0"X5'-0"X0'-6" AT&T Concrete pdf
PAD - AT&T ALP 248 4'-0"X6'-0"X0'-6" AT&T ALP Concrete pdf
PAD - EMERSON BI-X05X07X6 5'0"X7'-0"X0'-6" EMERSON Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC 102X110X10 8'-6"X9'-2"X0'-10" OUC Concrete
PAD - OUC 40X40X6 3'-4"X3'-4"X0'-6" OUC Concrete pdf
PAD - OUC SG 78X74X30 6-2"X6'-6"X2'-6" OUC SWITCH GEAR Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 40X45X4 3'-4"X3'-9"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 44X52X4 3'-8"X4'-4"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 46X46X4 3'-10"X3'-10"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 62X62X4 5'-2"X5'-2"X0'-4" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 66X74X6 5'-6"X6'-2"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 76X96X6 6'-4"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO 96X96X6 8'-0"X8'-0"X0'-6" TECO Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO DFSG 50X60X30 4'-2"X5'-0"X2'-6" TECO DFSG Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG 6'-3"X7'-2"X0'-8" TECO LFSG PAD Concrete pdf
PAD - TECO LFSG BOX 5'-2"X5'-8"X3'-0" TECO LFSG BOX Concrete pdf

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