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Storm Capture 

Storm Capture Module system provides a low-profile, easy to install system for storage, infiltration or reuse.  Advantages include:

• Easy to install modules for fast erection
• Ideally suited for low-profile applications under parking areas
• Designed for traffic loading conditions
• Can be installed with existing site-work equipment
• Ideal for Low Impact Development (LID)

High Performance

Storm Capture modules provide low initial and life cycle costs and are designed for maintainability and longevity.

• Low initial cost – less materials
• More capacity – less footprint
• Lowest life cycle and service costs

• Designed for maintenance not replacement
• Optional direct module access

STRUCTURAL CONCRETE = quality, value, performance
• Vehicular traffic loading design
• Not reliant on adjacent backfill

• Time tested service life of concrete
• No strength loss, creep or deflection

• Maximum void space – cumulative capacity
• Maximum conveyance – no lateral backfill restriction

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Environmentally Sound

Oldcastle Precast is dedicated to protecting natural resources. Storm Capture Modules - designed with the environment in mind…

• A Low-Impact-Development (LID) solution
• Will contribute to LEED certification under the USGBC guidelines

• Produced using high-performance, water-reduced concrete
• Incorporates recycled materials for increased durability
• Manufactured Locally


How Our Module System Works

Our Storm Capture Module system provides a low-profile, easy to install system that can be laid out in a variety of patterns to accommodate your site. Modules can be a stand-alone stormwater infiltration BMP or part of a total stormwater management or rainwater harvesting system.

• The module design relies on a simple prepared foundation of free draining compacted aggregate or precast concrete. Foundations are designed for structure type and bearing capacity.
• Stormwater is received with piping from adjacent structures, by capturing runoff through an integral surface inlet or through permeable pavement systems.
• Standard design modules allow for 6” – 4’ of cover.  Design factors can apply to increase the maximum cover.

Pavement/Surface Treatments
• A composite concrete slab can be poured directly on the modules providing a concrete driving surface.
• Permeable or standard Oldcastle paver systems can provide a cost effective and appealing driving surface
• Typical pavement section of aggregate and asphalt with minimal thicknesses.

• SC modules provide maximum storage and detention, assisting in controlling site runoff and providing natural infiltration.
• Design can incorporate an impermeable bottom for detention and attenuation.
• Individual modules provide 100% internal void space, no granular material to clog or slow internal water conveyance.
• Flow ports or windows are strategically placed to provide maximum flow rates between adjacent units.

• Manhole or module to module access
• Maintenance modules included
• Optional removable top slab sections for machine access

Contact your Oldcastle representative to see how
Storm Capture versatility can be your best solution.



 Infiltration - Used for groundwater recharge
 Detention - Constructed with closed bottom or with impermeable underlining
• Water Quality Management - Water can be captured, conveyed, and treated
• Retention/Reuse - Water can be captured, treated and reused in water harvesting applications


Pavement-Cover Options

• Standard base and asphalt pavement
• Cast in place concrete slab - 4” typical
• Oldcastle standard paver with 2” of screening sand
• Oldcastle permeable paver with 2” #89 stone or equal porosity

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