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Grease Interceptors - Gravity Style 


Note: Pay careful attention to the Recommended Cleanout and Maintenance Procedures.

Oldcastle Precast gravity grease interceptors are an effective solution for the removal of FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease), thereby decreasing maintenance costs and the deterioration of collection systems. Removing grease from waste effluent saves money and aggravation by protecting septic systems and sewage lines from plugging and failure.

As with other containment vaults, grease interceptors must be cleaned and maintained regularly to remain effective.

Oldcastle Precast offers standard sizes ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 gallon capacities.

Corrosion resistant coatings or plastic liner can be applied to extend the life of the tank.

Sizing Criteria:

The volume of the interceptor shall be determined by using the Oregon Specialty Plumbing Code. If "drainage fixture units" (DFU’s) are not known, the interceptor shall be sized on maximum DFUs allowed for the pipe size connected to the inlet of the interceptor. Refer to Table 7-5.

Catalog No. Max. Vol. (Gal) Max. DFU's Piping Size (inch)


















All grease interceptors are designed to the IAPMO/ANSI Z1001 standard and manufactured per ASTM C1613. These products are IAPMO listed, http://pld.iapmo.org, file #4296. 
Images Product Name Materials Docs
Grease Interceptor - Sizing Chart 1,000 - 5,000 Gallon Capacities, 35 - 576 Drainage Fixture Units pdf
Grease Interceptor Sediment Vault Vault Placed Upstream of Grease Interceptor to Improve System Efficiency Concrete pdf dwg
1000 Gallon - 576-GGI-1000 1,000 Gallon, 35 DFU Concrete pdf dwg
1500 Gallon - 5106-GGI-1500 1,500 Gallon, 172 DFU Concrete pdf dwg
2000 Gallon - 612-GGI-2500 2,500 Gallon, 307 DFU Concrete pdf dwg
5000 Gallon - 816-GA-5000 5,000 Gallon, 576 DFU Concrete pdf dwg
Grease Interceptor - Cleanout & Maintenance Recommended Cleanout & Maintenance Procedures pdf
Grease Interceptor - Installation Instructions Standard GGI Standard GGI Installation Instructions pdf
Vault-Sampling Vault Placed Downstream of Separator for Sampling Effluent pdf dwg

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