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Water Vaults 

Water Vaults come standard with knockouts in various locations in sufficient number to meet the majority of requirements. Knockouts are easily removed by striking in the center with a hammer or other similar tool.

Access doors in the larger vaults are typically located offset of centerline to allow for clear access down the ladder without running into the device.

Options include:

  • cast-in pipe holes, blockouts, or pipe seals at specific locations
  • access doors
  • ladders
  • coatings or sealers

 Water vaults are used to enclose:

  • backflow assemblies
  • water meters
  • pressure reducing valves



Images Product Name Materials Docs
Backflow Device Vault Sizing Chart Double Check/Double Check Detector Valve Vault Sizing Chart pdf dwg
Access Door Selection How to Determine Type of Access Door pdf dwg
3030-LA 2'-0" x 2'-0" x 2'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
233-LA 2'-0" x 3'-0" x 2'-8" Concrete pdf dwg
444-LA 3'-6" x 3'-6" x 3'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
504-LA 4'-2" x 4'-2" x 3'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
644-LA 3'-6" x 5'-6" x 3'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
660-LA 3'-6" x 5'-6" x 5'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
575-LA 4'-2" x 6'-6" x 4'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
577-LA 4'-2" x 6'-6" x 6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
676-LA/676-WA 5'-4" x 6'-10" x 6'-1" Concrete pdf dwg
774-LA 6'-4" x 6'-4" x 3'-1" Concrete pdf dwg
776-LA-5 6'-4" x 6'-4" x 5'-1" Concrete pdf dwg
776-LA-7 6'-4" x 6'-4" x 6'-7" Concrete pdf dwg
4484-LA 4'-4" x 8'-4" x 6'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
4686-LA 4'-6" x 8'-6" x 6'-6" Concrete pdf dwg
5106-1-LA/5106-1-WA 5'-0" x 10'-6" x 6'-1" Concrete pdf dwg
687-2-LA/687-2-WA 6'-0" x 8'-0" x 7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
612-3-LA (3-pc.) 6'-0" x 12'-0" x 6'-8" Concrete pdf dwg
612-2-LA (2-pc.) 6'-0" x 12'-0" x 7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
712-LA 6'-11" x 12'-0" x 7'-5" Concrete pdf dwg
810-LA 8'-0" x 10'-0" x 7'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
816-LA 8'-0" x 16'-0" x Varies Concrete pdf dwg
Large Sectional Vault 8' x 18' & Larger - Size as Required Concrete pdf dwg
Panel Vault Size as Required Concrete pdf dwg
660-WA-TVWD TVWD Spec for 3" DCV / DCDV Concrete pdf dwg
577-WA-TVWD TVWD Spec for 4" DCV / DCDV Concrete pdf dwg
676-WA-TVWD TVWD Spec for 6" DCV / DCDV Concrete pdf dwg
687-WA-TVWD TVWD Spec for 8" DCV / DCDV Concrete pdf dwg
5106-WA-TVWD TVWD Spec for 10" DCV / DCDV Concrete pdf dwg
Vault Joint Sealant/Gasket Installation How to Install Joint Sealant/Gasket pdf
Vault Ladder Installation How to Install Ladder pdf
Vault Racking/Hardware Racking & Hardware Accessories pdf
Vault Recommended Backfilling How to Backfill Around Vault pdf

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