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Catch Basins 

A Catch Basin is a type of drainage inlet designed to collect excess rain and storm water runoff from roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, and paved streets.

A standard Catch Basin is a below ground rectangular box structure with a horizontal rectangular opening at ground level. A perforated or slotted metal grate is typically inset into the top of the Catch Basin at ground level to allow water to enter into the Catch Basin structure. Grates are available for both traffic rated and non-traffic rated applications.

During a rain event, storm water drains from the surface area into the grate openings of the Catch Basin. The water then drains into a sewer pipe that is connected to the Catch Basin. The sewer piping uses gravity feed to move the water through the system of pipes. Multiple catch basins can be linked with pipe to create a network of drainage points.

Oldcastle Precast Catch Basins are engineered and manufactured in a wide range of sizes to meet all state and local standards and are a fast, effective and cost-efficient way to save time and money on your next project. 



Uses and Applications:

  • Storm Water Management
  • Traffic Rated-Roadways & Parking Lots
  • Non-Traffic Rated-Pedestrian Areas






Brochure PDF                Specifications PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
W-CB1-CB 1590 2' 5 3/5" x 10' 3" x 2' 6" Concrete pdf
W-CB2-CB 22 2’-0” x 2’-0” x Varies Concrete pdf
W-CB3-CB 23 2’-0” x 3’-0” x Varies Concrete pdf
W-CB4-CB 23 ADOT 2’-0” x 3’-0” x Varies Concrete pdf
W-CB5-9 CB ADOT 3’-4” x 3’-4” x 3’-1” Concrete pdf
W-CB6-CB 9 ADOT D 3’-4” x 3’-4” x 3’-1” Concrete pdf

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