Oldcastle Precast Modular Suppled 120 Precast Concrete Prison Cells at Reno County Correctional Facility

Hutchinson, Kansas



Reno County, Kansas


J E Dunn Construction


Treanor Architects


Oldcastle Precast Topeka, Kan.


Precast Concrete Prison Cells, Handicap Cells

The Problem

This project entailed the construction of a new 75,000 square foot single story correctional facility for the County of Reno located in Hutchinson, Kansas. The $21,000,000 new correctional facility has a capacity for 250 inmates ranging from minimum to maximum security and includes special needs units, a kitchen, and medical area which contains two negative-pressure isolation cells to prevent the spread of airborne diseases, and a work release area.

The new jail is designed so that guards can have a direct line of sight into cells surrounding a secure control station from which the officers can electronically lock and unlock doors. A maintenance corridor along the outer perimeter of the cellblock will allow maintenance workers to repair plumbing and other systems without entering the cells. The design also allows for the easy addition of another 40-bed cellblock when it is needed in the future.

The Design

J E Dunn Construction, the general contractor, and RENO County chose precast modular technology as the desired method of construction for the housing units and awarded the precast concrete cell contract to Oldcastle Precast Modular. The prefabricated concrete cell modules, equaling 120 rear chase jail cells, were manufactured at the Oldcastle Precast-Topeka, Kan. plant and shipped to the job site. “Once the precast cells are dropped into place, they are done,” said Shawn McClay, the new Reno County Jail Captain, in an August 8, 2014, Hutchinson news article.

Erection of the Precast Concrete Rear Chase Cells

The Solution

Oldcastle Precast Modular and Oldcastle Precast-Topeka manufactured, outfitted, and shipped the prefabricated cells. The precast cells supplied were comprised of 64 Modules (56 double mods, 8 singles), 120 Cells, (80 double occupancy, 40 single occupancy), 200 beds.

The 12 foot 9 inch by 7 foot, two-man rear chase precast cells were stacked two high. The interiors of the cells were painted and outfitted with fixtures: two beds (for two-man cells), a table, sink, toilet, and four (combo) shelves with breakaway hooks for clothing and towels. Additionally, the plumbing and electricity are already connected to the individual cells.
Oldcastle Precast Modular completed the erection of all 64 cell modules in only four days. The lower level cells have a monolithically cast balcony acting as the walkway for the cells stacked above. The rear chase allows for a corridor along the outer perimeter of the cellblock for maintenance workers.

Fully Outfitted precast concrete jail cell