Detention & Sand Filter System Protects Luxury Condos in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina



Osborn Engineering Group

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Problem

Oldcastle Stormwater supplied the stormwater detention and sand filter system at the new development by incorporating a StormCapture® modular precast concrete vault system. Osborn Engineering incorporated the sand filter and detention chamber into a single stormwater management system using 27 StormCapture modules. The system, installed under the driveway between two rows of townhomes, includes 19 retention modules, six sand filter chambers and two pre-treatment sedimentation modules.

The Design

The pre-treatment chambers trap sediment and floatables, while the sand filter uses sand media to filter smaller particles and other pollutants. The detention chamber stores runoff while allowing sufficient time for treatment through the sand filter. Discharge from the system is controlled by an orifice plate at the outlet pipe. The system is designed to meet AASHTO HS-20-44 for traffic loads and has multiple manholes for future maintenance access.

The Solution

The stormwater management system receives water from onsite storm drains and downspout collection pipes, as well as from a grate directly over the top of one of the pre-treatment modules. Runoff then passes through the StormCapture system and then out to the storm drains.

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