Stormwater Management System Filters Pollutants for Clermont, FL

Clermont, Florida



BESH Engineering Consultants

Tavares, Florida

The Problem

Oldcastle Stormwater’s scope of work entailed designing three separate drainage systems for the project. Each system included an upstream baffle box for initial treatment of the stormwater runoff before entering a series of StormCapture modules for detention and infiltration into the ground. For the Disston Avenue project, the StormCapture modules were 5-feet tall open-bottom modules with internal conveyance passageways to allow stormwater to flow freely between all units.

The Design

The three systems were installed underground, down the middle of Disston Avenue, a heavily traveled residential street in Orlando, Florida. Trench boxes were used to support the sides of the excavation while the precast concrete baffle boxes and StormCapture modules were installed using an excavator. Each of the three systems had to be installed individually with the roadway re-opened to local traffic between installation of each system.

The Solution

Oldcastle Stormwater provided all associated structures for the Disston Avenue drainage improvement project. Stormwater runoff now flows into the storm drainage system through precast concrete curb inlets, before being piped through storm manholes and eventually to the treatment-train consisting of the inline baffle boxes and StormCapture modules. During rain events, stormwater exfiltrates from the modules into the ground to replenish local aquifers.
The baffle boxes are a non-proprietary design which allows for gross solids in the water to be removed through sedimentation and screening in the baffle boxes. Sediment and floatables can then be removed from the baffle boxes through any of the three access openings per box using a standard vacuum truck. By keeping sediments and debris out of the StormCapture modules, system maintenance is confined primarily to the baffle boxes for greater efficiency. This prevents the exfiltration surface under the modules from plugging up, while providing for maximum groundwater recharge as intended with the StormCapture modules. Access manways are also provided into the maintenance StormCapture modules in the event future servicing is required.
The Oldcastle StormCapture system and pre-treatment chambers provide a valuable dual function for Disston Avenue - a groundwater recharge and flood control system - with a long-term design focused on accessibility for inspection and maintenance. System owners will be required to certify proper operation, as well as annual inspection and maintenance of the system as per local building permits.

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