Red Lobster Restaurant Grease Interceptor Replacement


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Strata Grease Interceptor

EVRshield AC100

Recent inspections of the existing interceptor had indicated signs of severe corrosion and even complete system bypass.

The Problem

Grease interceptors have been used for decades to protect the public sewer system and mitigate issues related to the discharge of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). However, if an interceptor is not properly designed and maintained then the restaurant owner is likely to experience system failures resulting in potential kitchen backups and the emission of foul odors. Meanwhile, the most devastating repercussions may come in the form of regulatory fines and remediation costs associated with a sewer overflow. Not to mention the cost of having to replace a failed interceptor

Red Lobster's aging interceptor had been causing issues for their restaurant for years. Recent inspections had indicated signs of severe corrosion and even complete system bypass. Not only did this violate local discharge limitations, it was also causing blockages and failures in the downstream lift station. After further investigation, it was determined that the "interceptor" was no more than a modified septic tank. With low quality concrete and inadequate internal piping, the system had not been properly designed for storage of FOG. When Red Lobster realized that the system needed to be replaced, they began looking for an affordable, high performance interceptor. After carefully researching their options, Oldcastle Precast's Strata Grease Interceptor was chosen to rehabilitate the site and bring the restaurant into compliance.

Talk about money down the drain!

The Design

Convenience - Large capacity, less maintenance, lower total cost of ownership.
Performance - Patented internal configuration engineered to promote laminar flow and proper separation.
Reliability - IAPMO certified & traffic rated design incorporates an impermeable interior coating to prevent corrosion and is backed by a 30 year warranty.

Installation crew leveling Strata Grease Interceptor™.

Strata Grease Interceptors
- Precast concrete monolithic base with a ceramic based antimicrobial coating to prevent corrosion.
- Precast concrete lid with (3) tapered access openings to maximize visibility for proper inspection and maintenance.
- Fully outfitted with all interior components including a unique, patent pending HDPE internal baffle configuration to promote non-turbulent, laminar flow and superior separation efficiency.

The Solution

Strata Grease Interceptors are engineered, IAPMO certified solutions which have been designed for durability and high performance separation. The system came complete with an innovative internal baffle configuration and an antimicrobial, ceramic based coating backed by a 30 year warranty. In addition, the system was equipped with a wireless monitoring device which allowed Red lobster to effectively manage their maintenance frequencies by tracking the capacity of the system.

The owner was confident that the superior design of the Strata Interceptor would get the job done. However, he was concerned about the time it would take to install the new unit. The restaurant opened at 11AM everyday and it was crucial that the installation would not interfere with normal business hours. However, since the design was precast with all the internal components preinstalled at the local manufacturing facility, Strata provided a fast and simple installation without requiring the restaurant to close.

Strata Grease Interceptor™ after installation.

Once the product was delivered to the job site, a crane was utilized for hands free offloading into the excavation. After all grease emitting fixtures were tied into the drainage line, the top slab of the interceptor was set in place and the excavation was backfilled. This new installation took place before the kitchen staff arrived for work and allowed Red Lobster to keep their business running smoothly so that they could focus on their customers rather than their wastewater.

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