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Our Markets

Our products are everywhere you live, go and work.

Oldcastle Precast is a leading provider of engineered building product solutions and services for North American Infrastructure projects in a number of markets. With a nationwide network of facilities our products are always close at hand. Our employees are committed to upholding core values of reliability, quality and service in revolutionary ways.

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Water is without a doubt one of the most prized resources on earth. Securing a reliable source for clean water is a growing priority around the world. In the United States, the Clean Water Act (CWA) establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the U.S. as well as regulating quality standards for surface waters.

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The average North American family has more than ten devices per household and these devices are fueling the demand for more exchange of data. This constant communication places stress on the coverage and capacity of the communications infrastructure. Oldcastle Precast works with engineers, owners and contractors to design and engineer solutions to build the infrastructure required to keep our communities connected.

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Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a competitive and productive economy. World class Transportation infrastructure facilitates the efficient movement of people, goods and services, promotes commerce, reduces costs and improves safety for everyone. In the United States transportation infrastructure covers a vast physical geography impacting a diverse set of entities and jurisdictions.

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The United States is a leader in the production and supply of energy, and is one of the world’s largest energy consumers. The energy industry is the third largest industry in the United States. U.S. energy companies produce oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, renewable energy and fuels, as well as electricity and smart grids. Growing consumer demand and world class innovation – combined with a competitive workforce and supply chain capable of building, installing, and servicing all energy technologies – make the United States the world’s most attractive market.

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Building Structures

Oldcastle Precast has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy and business model and is committed to sustainably, responsibly and ethically managing all aspects of operations relating to all stakeholders. In doing so, Oldcastle Precast can continue to extend its positive influence across the value chain, while building a strong and resilient business that is capable of delivering sustainable returns for all stakeholders.

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