144" Manhole-Stack Assembly

Oldcastle Precast Manholes are versatile cylindrical structures used in a variety of below grade applications including, stormwater, sewer/wastewater, communications, and power/energy. ln communications and power/energy applications they provide maintenance and inspection access to telecommunications fiber optic and utility cabling/wiring. Available manhole components include risers, flat tops, concentric and eccentric cones, transition tops, grade rings, covers, grates, ladders, and steps, as well as a variety of base hole configurations. Oldcastle Precast manholes are manufactured using corrosive resistant high performance concrete and are produced in quality controlled conditions to provide uniformity and performance unmatched in the industry. We offer a variety of manholes in standard and custom sizes with various coatings and design components for use in different applications. Additionally, sealed manhole systems are available, which can be built to specification. Oldcastle Precast manholes are made with type I or II cement unless otherwise specified.


  • Modular Construction
  • Base/Bottom Section
  • Lids, Rings, and Cover
  • Manhole Coatings
  • Grade Rings and Risers
  • Cones
  • Flat Slabs
  • Block-outs and Cored Holes


  • Offers immediate accessibility to maintain and inspect the critical infrastructure; Customizable sectional design; Quick and easy installation
  • Provides housing for critical infrastructures; Connection and access point for maintenance and inspection; Cylindrical or rectangular available; Integral floor (body slab) optional; Available extended base bottoms increase stability
  • Cover and protect; Maintenance and inspection accessibility; Variety of sizes available
  • Water-based damp-proofing, epoxy-based chemical resistant, and other coating options are available upon request
  • Elevate access opening covers to grade; Available in rectangular and round shapes; Variety of sizes available
  • Section to reduce the manhole diameter to the cover and frame diameter; Concentric or Eccentric shapes; Variety of sizes available
  • Typically used for very shallow manholes; Large diameter manholes are covered with structural flat slab covers designed to resist the applied dead and live loads; Variety of sizes available
  • Offered in multiple locations to accommodate various connection sizes; Cast-in block-outs and cut-in cored holes are generally placed in the base or riser sections in limited sizes; Block-outs available in rectangular and circular shapes
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