Electrical Vault 510-LA

Precast vaults, also referred to as splice boxes and switchgear vaults, are the industry's leading product choice to protect and provide access to electrical cables and transformers, and are a preferred alternative to running electrical power cables above the ground and across utility poles. Oldcastle Precast offers a variety of different designs including one piece, three piece, and multi-piece configurations. With standard and customizable options, these vaults are the perfect example of value-added engineering with preinstalled equipment and accessories saving time and money on your next project. Available features include grade rings & risers, lifters, pulling irons, drainage sumps, term-a-ducts, knockouts, as well as racking to best fit your project needs. One piece vault configurations typically consist of a base section and a lid section for applications requiring non-confined access. Additional configurations may include a slab section and top section.


  • Modular Construction
  • Base/Bottom Section
  • Lids and Top Sections
  • Body Slab and Risers
  • Frames and Covers
  • Embedded Lifters
  • Grade Rings and Risers
  • Embedded Pulling Irons
  • Drainage Sump
  • Racking
  • Knock-outs


  • Rugged durability to protect vital connections from the elements and vandalism; Customizable sectional design; Quick and easy install
  • Provides critical infrastructure housing and protection; Integral floor (body slab) optional; Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Cover and protect; Maintenance and inspection accessibility; Variety of shapes and sizes; Variable access opening sizes and locations offered
  • Customization to accommodate required depths; Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Variety of sizes and shapes; Rectangular frames and galvanized covers or manhole frames with cast or ductile iron covers
  • Allow for easy install; Galvanized steel material; 2, 4, 8, and 20 ton loading capabilities; 1 ton universal lifters also available
  • Elevate access opening covers to grade; Available in rectangular and round shapes
  • Anchor and stabilize cable pulling equipment; Carbon steel-galvanized material, stainless steel available upon request
  • 2" knock-out hole designed in base section for drain pipe; Outer lip positively locks the base of pipe into the vault; Propylene drainage sumps available upon request
  • Hold and secure cables or wiring; Vertical or horizontal adjustability; Additional cable support arms are available from 4" to 8"
  • Round or rectangular shapes designed in base as well as top sections; Offered in multiple locations to accommodate various connection sizes and elevations; Easily broken with a hammer to size

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