4'-0"x4'-6"x6" Transformer Pad-Edison UGS #504

Precast pads and padmounts are durable and convenient foundations for your communications equipment needs. Often being constructed in less than a day, Oldcastle Precast pads are readily available for immediate installation without waiting for curing like pour-in-place alternatives. Our pads are available in standard sizes and with industry-specific features including customizable embedded lifters and padmount openings to suit your specific project.


  • Solid Single Piece Construction
  • Embedded Lifters
  • Padmount Opening


  • Offers a simple rugged design for a strong foundation; Quick production to downtime; Provides convenience of availability
  • Allow for easy install; Galvanized steel material; 2, 4, 8, and 20 ton loading capabilities; 1 ton universal lifters also available
  • Any size and location to fit your equipment needs.

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